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That’s exciting! We’re here to make sure you have the most pleasurable and unforgettable experience that’ll leave you coming back for more.

I’m a newbie. Help me find my roar.

“It lies in all that I am and all that I can be; uninhibited, joyously displayed for all to see.”

— Petite Esclave


As women, wives, girlfriends, professionals, mothers – we know that it’s near impossible to indulge in a tiny bit of “me” time without feeling guilty… and that’s exactly why we created this safe space – one where you can experience guilt free pleasure, anytime, anywhere. 

Our entire ethos centres around empowerment, comfort and discretion. Let’s face it, no respectable woman wants to get caught with her panties down….unless it results in something mind-blowingly incredible!

All of our products are body friendly, and none of them give away what they really are…meaning you can browse our site for daaaayyyyysssss – and even if your kid, grandmother or boss, decides to peek over your shoulder, we’ve got your back 🙂


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Every purchase is discreetly packaged, ensuring that you are protected, no matter who answers the door or signs for your delivery.


All our products are body friendly. Only the best quality will do for a Goddess like you. 

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Our collection is specially curated to make sure every product you buy is amazing! That way you don’t need to shop around on sleazy sites and end up with an anti-climax.