Born and bred in South Africa, we understand what South African women are all about. 

This is home to so many fiery, feisty women. Women who are diverse, inspiring and all-consuming.

Women who yearn for empowerment – and what better way to empower someone, than through their own body? 

Feisty Tiger aims to empower, educate and uplift women and break down the many negative stereotypes associated with being a woman. We welcome all women, from all walks of life, to dig deep and unleash their own inner Feisty Tiger.



Let’s face it, being a woman is tough and being a mom, even more so. Balance is very hard to find, nevermind maintain. In my pursuit for a balanced life, I’ve unpacked all the areas that need attention. Relationships, physical health, mental wellbeing, finances, career… but how often do we acknowledge the core of who we are? Women. How often do we acknowledge our sensual selves and allow ourselves to experience bliss without feeling guilt or shame? To be totally balanced, our sexuality needs to be a part of our balancing act. Self-discovery and introspection go beyond the obvious, venturing into the realm of “taboo”. But why taboo? Why is it okay for men to just be who they are? Why is there an element of indignity when women do the same?

The sex industry is predominantly aimed at men. Why? Because they don’t overthink as much as we do. I had always wondered about what went on behind the heavily tinted windows of a sex shop, but being a mom I never wanted to risk walking in and being spotted by the local gossip. I started chatting about it to other women and realised I wasn’t alone. This is why we created Feisty Tiger – a safe place where women can be women without the sleaze. A place for open conversations about our day-to-day experiences where we don’t have to feel like we are not ‘allowed’ to discuss openly, freely.

As far as we have come as a global society in terms of women’s rights and equality, it’s still not enough. We have more power than we know and together we can bring about change. It’s not about sex or about sex toys. It’s about addressing all the stigmas, all the misconceptions and all the limiting beliefs about what it means to be a woman… (one orgasm at a time).

I hope you enjoy our little shop and come and visit again. We have big plans for the Feisty Tiger movement and there is always room for another tigress in our fiercely feisty community. Together we will find our roar!

All my love,



From my youngest years, I have been surrounded by strong and magnetic women. Women who have faced battles and demonstrated fearlessness as they’ve yearned for and earned their tiger stripes. Women who have seen so much, yet remained so delicate – fiercely delicate, while at the same time, allowing nothing to shake or uproot them. 

I however, have modelled my ideals and beliefs for myself, not on women alone, but on the souls who have helped shape and guide me on my journey through this life. Through this collective safe space, I have found that to truly learn the art of loving oneself, is the greatest gift, for it opens us up to be loved and to give love in abundance. 

My hope is that, together with my partners, Kathy and Angela, we can bring forth a brand that truly drives change in this world, by becoming a safe space for women, no matter their backgrounds or the confinements from which they come. My hope for Feisty Tiger is that it becomes a healer and a place that inspires women to embrace who they were always meant to be.

I’d like to invite you to join us and become the “Up-Roar” our world so desperately needs.

Yours Fiercely,



Middle aged and in finance = boring you say? 

Well, then you have completely misjudged the 3rd partner in Feisty Tiger. 

I am on a journey of reinventing myself to become daring, unconventional and unpredictable. 

Raised in a home that embraced organised religion, with all its taboos, I have finally found my voice and path, albeit later in life, but no less exciting. 

I have a strong admin and finance background and so, particularly enjoy the creative visions of my business partners. This is a business venture that I am passionate about and hope you see and feel the empowerment that comes with being a happy, healthy, sexual female. 

I know I have!



Your health, happiness and fulfilment is our priority. So it is very important to make it clear that no toy can save or fix a relationship.

Our products aim to enhance what is already there, allowing you to explore exciting new possibilities within yourself and/or your partner/s. If you need relationship advice, we recommend getting in touch with someone that can guide you on the journey. If you don’t know where to start, we’d like to introduce you to Michèle. With her years of experience as a life coach and curator, she is your go-to-gal for any questions related to relationships or better sex. We encourage you to reach out to her at any time.


Michèle Levin

Reach out to find out how she can help.

  • Realign your relationship
  • Explore intimacy
  • Couples counselling
  • Unleash sensuality
  • Tackle the taboo
  • Explore sexual boundaries
  • Attain sexual confidence
  • Learn how to get what you need
  • Attain joy in your relationship
  • Open the imagination